Thassilonian Complexes: In addition to the commonly known origins of Korvosa’s widespread Vaults, another genesis exists: the deep delves of Sorshen, the Runelord of Lust. Deep beneath the city, below even some of the natural caverns, down where the water table floods natural caves and the constructions of lesser civilizations, spread massive Thassilonian complexes.

The tunnels and chambers of these complexes, always perfectly level and dug with absolute geometric precision, put to shame even dwarven mines. Some of these Thassilonian complexes delve deep enough to have attracted the attention of creatures best left unbothered. These deathless, ageless beings prowl the deepest levels of the complexes, ruling their silent, lonely lairs absolutely. Any wanderers who dare intrude on these foul lairs face only death and destruction—if they are lucky.

Within these Thassilonian Vaults beneath Castle Korvosa waits a tomb. Runelord Sorshen, whose pyramidal fortress now serves as the base for a modern castle of proportions even she would appreciate, lies in the same untouched crypt to which she fled 10,000 years ago. Unfortunately for her plans to reawaken (shaped some hundred centuries ago), hundreds of feet of rock and numerous dangerous dungeon levels stand between her resting place and curious adventurers above.

According to Milton, the Thassilonian Sage from the Academy, RuneLord Sorshen was/is the head Oracle of Thassilon, advisor to Runemaster Xin (He rejects the concept of Xin and Tar-Phaon being the same entity at this time). Since she is likely still alive and her whereabouts at least conceptually known, perhaps She should be consulted for aid on the citys’ cause.


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