The Whispering Tyrant

In the last installment, the party learned that Xin, the original ruler of the City of Cities, Maldoran, the Jewel of Thassilon, is in fact Tar-Baphon and The Whispering Tyrant…

Sorshen, in the face to face meeting, confirmed this rather blithely, as if it were an obvious fact. She was also guarded by mummies bearing sigils of ancient Osirion…

It is assumed he is in the Gallowspire, watched over by LastWall.

It has also been thought that his main phylactery is somewhere in Maldoran, stuck in time.

Some history here…

Age of Legend
Date – Unknown
The first, and arguably the greatest, of humanity’s civilizations was the continental empire of Azlant, a realm of powerful magic and technology whose secrets are still valued today. The empire of Thassilon rose near the end of the Age of Legend, founded by exiles from Azlant and ruled by wizards known as Runelords. When the people of Azlant grew too proud of their deeds, their old aboleth enemies decided to end things on their own terms by destroying Azlant by using powerful magic to cause Earthfall.

Age of Darkness
Date –5293
Earthfall. The Starstone tumbles to Golarion, creating the Inner Sea and kicking off a thousand years of darkness. Azlant and Thassilon are destroyed. The elves depart Golarion via the Sovyrian Stone or retreat into the far north, the southern jungles, or the Darklands.

King Taargick founds the Kingdom of Tar Taargadth, uniting the dwarves in a common cause to abandon the subterranean Darklands.

The orcs first emerge onto the surface world, fleeing vicious pogroms by righteous dwarves tunneling toward a prophesied land of the open sky.

The dwarves fulfill the Quest for Sky, emerging for the first time upon the surface of Golarion.

Age of Anguish
Date –4294
The Age of Darkness draws to a close. Humanity begins rebuilding civilization.

Ancient Osirion is founded.

Nex and Geb go to war.

Aroden, the Last Azlanti, raises the Starstone from the depths of the Inner Sea and becomes a living god. Absalom is founded.

Aroden mortally wounds the wizard-king Tar-Baphon on the Isle of Terror at the center of
Lake Encarthan.

The elves return en masse to Golarion via the Sovyrian Stone in Kyonin.

Tar-Baphon returns to life as the Whispering Tyrant. The lich king unifies the orc hordes of Belkzen and terrorizes central Avistan.

Taldor launches the Shining Crusade against the Whispering Tyrant.

The Shining Crusade secures a beachhead on the northern shore of Lake Encarthan, in Ustalav.

The Knights of Ozem summon Arazni, the warrior goddess Herald of Aroden.

Tar-Baphon humiliates and kills Arazni.

The Whispering Tyrant is imprisoned in Gallowspire.

The Shining Crusade officially comes to an end with the founding of Lastwall, a holding of Taldor tasked with watching over the prison of the Whispering Tyrant.

Iomedae, heroine of the Shining Crusade, successfully attempts the Test of the Starstone and
becomes Aroden’s Herald.

The Pathfinder Society is founded in Absalom.

The Duchy of Alkenstar is founded—construction of the Gunworks begins.

The Gunworks of Alkenstar are completed—the first firearms begin emerging from Alkenstar to be
purchased by rich collectors and curious scholars.

The runelords stir to life in Varisia. In the sleepy town of Sandpoint, gifted artist Jervis Stoot murders 25 men, women, and children.

The current year.

The Whispering Tyrant

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