Dark Folk

Dark Creepers

Dark creepers lurk in the black places deep below the surface of the world, venturing forth at night or into neighboring societies when the urge to steal and cause mayhem grows too great to resist. Endless layers of filthy, moldering black cloth shroud these small creatures, leading some to believe that the creature inside is smaller still. Usually encountered in groups, dark creepers flee from bright light, but are quite brave in the dark.

Dark creepers stand just under 4 feet tall and weigh 80 pounds. Their flesh is pale and moist, and their eyes are milky white. Dark creepers exude a foul stench of sweat and spoiled food, owing primarily to the fact that they never take off their clothing—instead piling on new layers when the outermost one grows too ragged. For all the mayhem and trouble a pack of dark creepers can cause, this is nothing compared to the dangers a tribe led by the taller, even more sinister dark stalkers represents. Dark creepers treat their tall, lithe masters almost like gods, presenting them with offerings and obeying their every whim. Invariably, several dark stalkers serve as leaders to dark creeper tribes, with all of the tribe’s heavy
work and labor falling on the diminutive shoulders of the creepers, freeing the dark stalkers for their own decadent pleasures. Yet the dark creepers themselves see no inherent imbalance in this arrangement—to a dark creeper, a life in the servitude of a dark stalker is a life fulfilled.

Dark Stalkers

The strange and mysterious dark stalkers are the undisputed leaders of dark folk society. Deep underground, these creatures dwell in strange villages (some rumors suggest entire cities) built of stone and fungus in remote caverns where they are served and worshiped by their coarser, diminutive kin, the dark creepers. Dark stalkers come to the surface rarely, but when they do it is on a mission, and with a force of creatures such that it never ends well for those they seek to rob or torment.

Dark stalkers are tall, frail humanoids with incredibly pale skin. They constantly wear multiple layers of dark cloth and black leather armor, yet unlike their lesser kin, a dark stalker’s garb is always clean and spotless. Each dark stalker carries a pair of short swords—they prefer these weapons to all others. Dark stalkers are 6 feet tall and weigh 100 pounds. The origins of the dark stalkers and the dark creepers are shrouded in mystery, made more difficult to decipher by the fact that the dark stalkers do not keep records of their
history. Many scholars believe that, just as the drow descended from elves, so too must the dark folk have descended from humanity, their eerie powers and spell-like abilities the result of generation upon generation of devotion to profane and sinister magic. Alas, the truth of the race’s history may never be known.

Dark Slayers

Dark slayers are a relatively rare sub-race of the dark folk imbued with malign energies that grant them a suite of deadly spell-like abilities beyond those normally accessible to their kin. They are usually encountered leading small bands of dark creepers, and seethe with barely concealed envy of the dark stalkers, ever scheming to displace them and claim a dark folk tribe of their own. Dark stalkers direct the slayers for their own ends, grooming them for use against enemies, ever ready to sacrifice a slayer in battle for an advantage, however temporary. Unlike other dark folk, dark slayers embrace their evil impulses. Their pleasures extend more to murder and pain than to theft or mayhem. Dark slayers are obsessed with magical trinkets, coveting them above all else. Sadly, their obsessive need to fiddle and tinker often leaves their pretties broken or depleted.

Dark slayers stand just short of 4 feet tall and weigh 50 pounds. Most have a persistent tremor visible in their hands, stilled only when fondling a newfound magic item. Their skin
is dead white, dry, and hot to the touch; their eyes are dark and narrow. Dark slayers wear salvaged rags like dark creepers do, but they discard the rags when they grow too tattered or

Dark Folk

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