Gnome with Gno Gname

A Gnome that appeared over night. He dressses as if from Alkenstar. He carries two Firearms and has a clockwork companion.


Standing a hair over 3’ tall (3’ 1") he is a lithe gnome. He is often seen dressed in dusty leathers and in some cases a suit of dark scale mail. It’s hard to really peg down his features. He is normally sporting a thin goatee and long sideburns. He seems hard to pin down in any one look. he normally wears some sort of hood or hat however.

Two well-crafted Double Pistols hang one at each hip. A small blade hangs tightly in a scabbard at the small of his back.

He seems to have an aptitude for Magic as well as tinkering. He can see browsing a large tome that he produces from an improbably small backpack. In its heavily stained think leather bound pages there can be glimpsed spell incantations along with engineering notes made in a hastily written hand.

As of late there is always a faint ticking that accompanies him where ever he goes.


Never very forthcoming about his past he arrived one day in the City of Malaron after walking down stairs from the Inn in which most people had gathered.

Gnome with Gno Gname

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