Maloran, Jewel of Thassilon

The plot thickens

In this illustrious installment, the party was visited by Alseta, The Welcomer. Alseta indicated to the party that the City of Cities is in fact her wayward creation that she has neglected for some time, as she has been attending to other issues.

The City of Cities is not unlike Sigil, city of doors, but rather than a gateway to many places, it is rather the source of many places. Through discussions with Bill and John, representatives of Abraxis and Dispater, it was made clear that the city can be crafted in ways to change the overall design of the city, and the dark folk appear to be manipulating the forming of the city to their own designs.

The party finally made it to the armory and foundry where they returned the horn to the cloaked figures outside the armory and then entered the foundry which was clearly in use. Inside they met Milthek, a deceptive gentleman that at first appeared to be the owner of the foundry but at last instant tried to make an escape. The pary subdued him accidentally and dispatched his glass golem as well.



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