Maloran, Jewel of Thassilon

An awakened sleep...

In this installment, the party recovered from being ambushed at dinner and did some local snooping. Whereupon the gnome was approached by a ne’re-do-well that said he was uncontent with the city of Abasloms management and wanted a change and was looking for like minded individuals.

The party met this group of malcontents in the docks district and soon fell undersway of enchantment encouraging the overthrow of the government. The cleric of the party however resisted after a while and began questioning things. All was still going well until he then cast a silence spell. The party began questioning things and causing trouble. The guards and head speaker began combat and then suddenly the speaker turned/melted into a succubus. After the fight, the party found a large chest of coins apparently collected by the troublemakers.

They then made a hasty exit from Absalom to Maldoran. The elven wizard was able to identify a portal at the Armory and active it. The party stepped through…

Into a 50×50×50 chamber underground. The portal from Maldoran appears to be housed on a living portals doorway. The party began examining the portal and tripped an antipathy trap, which drove the party from the room. The living vault was crafted from granite from Mount Celestial and the doorway fillagre of silver and gold.

Walking down the hallway away from the living vault, the party came into a large room with a miniature pyramid in the middle. The gnome noted several invisible mummies coming towards the party and combat quickly ensued.

While the fight went on, the party noticed a beautiful female sit up from the top of the pyramid, completely nude. They assumed the worst (that she was a banshee) and prepared to assail her as well as the mummies.

Lo and behold however, she was none other than Sorshen, the Runelord of Lust, awakened from her statis slumber by the party’s meddling with the living vault.

Combat quickly got out of hand with the mummies, Sorshen and a summoned Daemon beset against the party.

Eventually a parley was established where Sorshen was able to (while still guarded) examine the minds of the party and understand their true intent.

They finally befriend Sorshen, they parley further after the Daemon is dismissed, and Sorshen apparently is put-off by the idea that she has been forgotten by the world. The party (in passing) mention the starstone’s ability to grant godhood to mortals and she is convinced this is a great thing to do.

She goes to the living vault, it opens before her and she girds herself in the raiment of war. After which she summons a djinni with her ring, whisks the party and herself to the astral and then the prime (Absalom).

The party leads her to the starstone temple and she begins her test.

The party finds themselves again in Absalom and not much further along in their goals, though further along in information. (Sorshen verified that Xin and Tar-Baphon are in fact the same person).



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