Maloran, Jewel of Thassilon

A city between time...

In our latest installment, the heroes learn that the city, when it isn’t busy teleporting from place to place in Golarion, is in a place between time. The location, according to the mercane visitors, is in “the Great Beyond” on the “sea of time”.

The city seems to have mellowed a little. The oracle Milthek had a night time visitation and has had something of a change of heart. He’s not quite as full of malice and hate doesn’t glow in his eyes any more.

The party hitched a ride with the mercane to Absalom and did some trading, met Milton of the Academy, hidden down in a basement and somewhat…eccentric. He doesn’t get out much. He has agreed to come to the city and study it. He is the expert on ancient Thassilon (something akin to specializing in ancient babalyon in our time) and doesn’t do much other than read tomes and scrolls.

It has also come to the attention that the city of cities is one giant portal to other cities. Tapping into a portal to a different city should be easy, finding the route back though may be problematic.

The party was jumped in the pathfinders area by a group of orcs, one dressed in full plate and wielding a fell sword. He was bested and rather than surrender he sundered his weapon, causing an explosion (killing one of the clerics) and sending him to an alternate plane.


The Gnome and assorted corhorts and followers help tidy up the dinning area. After seaching the attackers for wealth and magical treasure he will begin helping the Elven pathfinder search for clues as to the identities of their assalants.

Specifically Holy/unholy symbols, Tattoos (Red Mantis perhaps), identifing makers marks of the weapons or armor.

He will also send word to the Pathfinder repersentitive near by (or the group that came at the end) if the wall can be _Stoneshaped _Back or _Make Whole _if it was actually destroyed.

“well clearly” He starts out “Some Golorian bound agents have taken notice. Perhaps working for the agents we were approched by already?”

“I’m personally not content to just wait and see what the city will throw at us next. I don’t think we are at the cities call but we should seize control of our fate. What do we think we should do next?”

“I think we should sell theMaster Worked weapons and armor so that we can have a point to start working from. Its clear that things certainly are dangerous enought that the higher spells granted a cleric might be needed in the future. What do the rest of you think?

I figure if we sold the seven sets we would make about 7500 Gold"

A city between time...

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